Oriental perspective on Hearing Voices

In this category we would like to share knowledge and beliefs regarding hearing voices from an "Oriental Perspective".

Swas Chakra, breathing properly while riding a Lion - By Sneh Prasad

An Oriental Perspective on Mental Health

The following is an edited version of the presentation by Sneh Prasad. Reproduced here with her permission.

N.b. We have not been able to show the wonderful pictures Sneh used here, but have links in the text that will take you to pictures on the web.


Classification of Prana or energy is an integral component.

Fundamental Principles

  • Prana Pervades, constitutes life and sustains each human body and life in general.
  • Prana is sparks of "intelligent vibrations of energy finer than atomic forces", a phenomena that interconnects particles, atoms, molecules and cells.
  • The positive, negative and neutralizing attributes of the five states of prana - solid, liquid, heat, gaseous and ethereal function through the senses of touch, sound, taste, smell and sight.
  • It operates through mechanical and chemical principles in the body for the running and preventative maintenance of health and self healing.

(Yogananda, SRF publication, 1995, Master Choa Kok Sui, 1988)


  • Optimising equilibrium of Prana with proper functioning of the Causal, Astral, Physical bodies, auras and chakras.
  • Optimising connection.
  • Deviation results in abnormality.

(http://www.languageinindia.com; Yogananda, SRF publication, 1995; Master Choa Kok Sui, 2000)

If there is an imbalance in the pranic energy it can cause ill health.


The 3 bodies are a matter of grossness of energy superimposed on each other:

  • CAUSAL BODY of thoughts with mental aura. If sick the causal body gets affected first.
  • ASTRAL BODY of electrical currents with emotional aura is impinged with the disorder next.
  • PHYSICAL BODY of gross material elements with etheric aura finally manifests the illness physically.

Each energy body is protected by its respective aura and they are connected at the chakras. Each chakra has a specific number of subtle, ‘petals’, to send out rays of light and vibration. Chakras are “power stations” with specific functions and control procedures.

For example, the Spleen chakra filters the environmental energy. It works with infections and the immune system. It reflects the energy you are surrounded by.


  • Counter clockwise vibrations aim to release excess energies. If the chakras are turning counter clockwise it is a process of blessing or energising.
  • Clockwise vibrations seek to converge centripetal force (the force applied to a body which causes it to rotate in a circle) within the innermost individual point of mind itself and develop inner energy. Clockwise movements are taking in, or absorbing energy from the outside.
  • The chakras rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise cohesively, to manifest this dynamic alliance.

When experiencing a lot of different emotions and events, if a person has no way of releasing these energies, it can cause congestion of energy centers resulting in disorders.

Concentrated energy in each Chakra is a HUB from which rays of light and energy is radiated out for the functioning of the bodies.

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