Complementary Therapies

We have devised a survey to collect information on other areas of health that may be helpful for people who live with hearing voices.

Part of our kaupapa has always been to ask people who hear voices, what works and what doesnt so we can share with others. We feel it is time, this included complemntary therapies.

The link to the survey is here

Please allow a reasonable amount of time to fill it out. How long it takes, will depend on which of the areas of complementary therapies you have experienced.
Not all questions are mandatory. Please circulate to anyone who hears voices, visions, etc to fill in, so we can gather this important information to share.
We would like to include responses from people who are well, as well as those who experience distress from their experiences.
We also support research around the many paths to maintaining well being while living with this type of experience. We value the wisdom and experience of voice hearers and will listen when you share with us what has helped you most on your journey. We are conducting this survey to gather research from those of you who have found complementary therapies helpful as a way to enable you to live well with your experiences and or overcome distress. 
This survey comprises questions of the following sections:
General background
Functional Medical tests
VITAMINS & Other dietary Supplements
Diet & Nutrition
Nature & Environment
Counselling & Talking therapies
Maori Traditional Healing therapies
Meditation & Mindfulness
Massage & Body therapy
Spiritual Healing including Shamanic practices
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Other Complementary therapies

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