Helpful Pamphlets and Information Sheets

The Maastricht Interview


Developed by Sandra Escher, Patsy Hage and Marius Romme

Further revisions by Monique Pennings

Copyright held by Prof. M.A.J. Romme & Mrs. A. Escher

This questionnaire was originally designed as a research tool to elicit information from people who hear voices. It has proved to be extremely useful in getting a much fuller picture of the shared experiences of voice hearers and the results have subsequently been used to develop a range of coping strategies that can help voice hearers to come to terms with their experience.

As a result of using this questionnaire, we discovered that as well as its value for research, it also proved to be a good way of beginning the process of exploring the voice experience for individual voice hearers - and - as a means of developing the confidence of mental health workers who want to work with voice hearers. It is important to stress that this questionnaire was developed by voice hearers in partnership with mental health professionals and that voice hearers are regarded as being the experts and full partners in the process of finding solutions to the difficulties that hearing voices can sometimes causes.

Download the PDF Below. There are two, one for adults and one for children.

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