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Open Ears, Open Eyes: Pukanohi Poare, Taringa Poare Workshop July 20 and 21 2019

Realities Christchurch  present a

                                                  FREE WEEKEND WORKSHOP                                                     


Young Adults who hear voices, have visions,  and/or experience non ordinary realities, sponsored by Like Minds, Like Mine

Pkanohi Poare, Taringa Poare:Open Eyes, Open Ears

July 20 & 21st 2019

This bicultural workshop is a place where young adults (18years  to 27 years) can come along and though korero, games, song , laughter and free shared meals:

·  Explore what your experiences mean to you.

· Share stories and experiences with like minded others

· Discuss how these experiences effect your life and  relationships with everything around you

· Look at ways we can support each other to overcome the challenges of discrimination and stigma in our lives

This workshop is Facilitated by Anne Scott and Louarnra Matenga. Both Anne and Louarna have experience of voices, visions and know how these experiences can be both distressing and to some bring joy. They have experienced the stigma that can be associated with being called mentally ill and look forward to sharing what they have learned from their journeys with you. 


VENUE: SKILLWISE 344 Manchester Street Christchurch.

DATE AND TIME: 9.30am to 4.30pm Saturday 20 and Sunday 21st July 2019


For more info  and to book your space please contact:

Anne Scott

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

t: 0212091363


Louarna Matenga

t: 02041770459


OR COME ALONG & MEET US FIRST at our information meetings.

1) at YOUTH 298, Tuesday 9th July 12.00 to 1.00pm

2) EASTGATE McDonalds Thursday 11th July 12.40 to 1.30pm. Free burgers

3)ARANUI LIBRARY Thursday 11th July 4.30 to 5.30 pm 


Financial assistance with childcare costs and transport are available.










NARRATIVE MEDICINE CONNECTIONS AND Lewis Mehl Madrona and Barbara Mainguy November 2018

When we hear voices, often people think they are random outside forces not connected to us in any way. Yet if voices and visions are explored in a safe and gentle non judgemental environment, we can begin to piece them together and see - what story they are telling us,
-what story within us they are linked to
-how the stories we and others tell about us influence our world.
It is important both for the person telling the story, and the one listening to it, to be able to come together for the healing of the story, and the changing of it so we become the Hero of ours, not the extra- small bit part.
So often people who hear voices will not share their stories, or that of their voices, yet it is important to find the meaning to them, and from there transform it.
Lewis has written some fabulous books, and combined wit the indigenous wisdom of the Native American and his professional medical background can offer a safe and transformative way to deal with psychosis, either as a medical professional or as a person with these experiences themselves.
Take this opportunity to see the stories in a way that can help to transform. Speaking the language of story, to find a common ground where we need to be to have an effective relationship with ourselves, the voices and where applicable for your clients.
Some professionals have asked me after a hearing voices group- " how come they talk when they come here? They don't talk at all at the house?"
Often it is about how you listen, how your respond, how you see the story and its links. Story telling, active listening is a skill we can all use in our lives.
You can book online at EVENTFINDA- see links listed below for Christchurch, Auckland or Wellington. If you need an invoice and to do direct credit, I have attached registration forms ( which are cheaper to do) Please share to whoever may need a boost to move forward.
The last workshop in Auckland is Connecting with ceremony.
We think that we are separate beings from our family, our environment, from the earth, from nature. Yet everything is inter connected. Many indigenous cultures agree that if we are sick or unwell that we have lost our connections, or our connections have become weakened in an area.
Voices and visions are often metaphorical and mystical by nature, If we try to deal with them with clinical and medical terms, sometimes it can be too far apart from what a person is experiencing, as our experiences are so profound, for us to bridge the gap, and we fall into it. The framework of madness is difficult to hang on to when you fall.
The spirituality part  of our experiences can often be ignored. Talk of spirit and soul  dismissed as delusions and pushed away- leaving the person either confused, or deciding to hide their experiences.
Ceremony is a way to regain healthy connections, to perform a ritual is the perfect way to start transformation for those of us who are stuck as the metaphor of their experience has not been understood or has left them with no way to move forward. 
Ceremony allows us to call on those energies and powers we need to shift the inner worlds and landscapes we may visit in a meaningful way. Which is why indigenous cultures such as the Native American and the Maori use them. The energy can shift, allowing healing to come in.
Ceremony can be a simple way to connect with each other and create a space where we allow the idea that change is possible without judgement.
Fliers attached, I will also upload to our website today


The Government Mental health & Addiction enquiry is underway, with meeting starting this week around New Zealand. Make sure you have your say, either at the meetings or in writing - submissions in by 6 June.

See the online submission form here.

Lets try and see some positive changes




The Hearing Voices Network is sooooo excited to announce that the awesome Debra Lampshire will be holding two workshops in Christchurch

Debra is a fabulous experience, who combines who extensive knowledge and personal experiences with a great sense of humour.  Recommend this to anyone and they wont be disappointed 

The first workshop on Friday 27 July is for people who support someone who is experiencing hearing voices/ altered realities and they want to better understand the experience.



and the second on Saturday 28 July is for people who are having or have had a hearing voices/ altered realities experience and they want to feel resourced and informed around how to work with their voices and better understand the experience.


We hope you will support this event by sharing the information with people in your network. Thank you for your support. All profits from this event will be donated to the Christchurch Hearing Voices Network Realities peer support group.


See a snippet of Debra lampshire on her Ted Talk here


Also You can see Debra on this great program on Attitude here